Whitepaper: Yova’s impact investing methodology

How we Assess the Companies for your Portfolio

Our customers really care about the impact that the companies in their portfolios have on the world. We often get asked: “How does Yova actually choose the companies that end up in these investment strategies?”.

In our Whitepaper we address these topics in detail by outlining the underlying methodology of how the Yova Engine creates investment portfolios. We detail exactly how the user’s chosen impact and exclusion topics are combined to create an investment portfolio that is completely personalised to them.

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Please note: Yova Yellow, our new platform to invest for gender equality, is approached differently by the Yova Engine. If you would like to know more about how we choose companies for Yova Yellow, please reach out to us directly.

Erik Gloerfeld

Erik Gloerfeld

Founder – Investment platform

Erik has been involved in sustainable business for 7 years. Before founding Yova, he was an independent entrepreneur, launching the 'Lapel & Tie' project and expanding the GreenBuzz initiative.