Sustainability & Tech Change: 2 trends, 1 opportunity

Sustainability and technological change – two trends, one opportunity for the Zurich financial centre


May 13, 2019


Kaufleuten Zürich, Pelikanplatz 18, 8001 Zürich

With its strong financial sector and Switzerland’s generally high level of sustainability awareness, the Zurich economic area offers ideal prerequisites for assuming a leading role in the field of sustainable finance. At the same time, Zurich is developing into a dynamic Fintech hub. Still, the interfaces between these two areas are not yet numerous. How can sustainable finance and technology be successfully combined?

This question will be debated at the public event organised by the Stadtentwicklung Zürich, in cooperation with Swiss Sustainable Finance and the Zürcher Bankenverband.

Tillmann Lang, CEO and Co-founder of Yova, will share his views on this topic in a presentation.

Tillmann Lang und Stadtpräsidentin von Zürich Corinne Auch

The event will be held in German at Kaufleuten Zurich and is free of charge.

Recap of the event: here

Image of Tillmann

Past event