The Yova Roadmap

Pure Impact Strategy

Want the highest possible impact with your portfolio? We’re planning to release an “impact-only” function that lets you maximise impact in your portfolio. Currently, impact is balanced with diversification criteria.

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Impact Reporting

Wondering if the impact of your portfolio can be quantified? We’re currently collecting data, and soon we’ll be able to show you the environmental footprint of your investment.

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Yova App

You told us that you’d love to access your Yova account from a mobile app. We are building the Yova app with all your favourite services.

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Yova goes to Europe

Are you a resident outside of Switzerland who would love to invest sustainably with Yova? Great news! We are expanding to all of Europe in 2020.

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Yova Climate Focus Portfolio

Would you like to maximise your impact against climate change? We will launch an investment strategy that is completely focused on limiting climate change.

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Online Shareholder Voting

You told us you’d like to have even more impact on the companies you invest in. We’re working on a feature where you can vote online in shareholder meetings.

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Pillar 3a with Yova

Do you want to save taxes and invest truly sustainable at the same time? We’re working on a sustainable pillar 3a.

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