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The smarter way to save

Are your savings sitting in your bank account? With bank interest rates close to zero and inflation in an upward swing your money is gradually losing value. You know you need to do something. But what?

Introducing a smarter way to save your money, grow your wealth – and support sustainable and socially responsible companies: The Yova savings plan.

How do savings plans work? Once your investment is set up, you can automatically add money each payday – from as little as 100 francs. We’ll add it to your portfolio.

What’s best: There’s no obligation. You can pause, stop or change your payments whenever you want to. And of course you can access your money at any time.

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Why save with Yova?

Small savings, big impact

Can you save 100 francs each month? Realistically, what about 500? Thanks to compound interest, these deposits allow you to make money while you sleep. That’s because your money earns interest… then earns interest on that interest... and interest on that interest... and so on.

Bank interest is at 0.01%

Put your money into a typical savings account, and it will lose value over time. That’s because inflation is on an upwards swing – the price of goods and services is growing faster than the tiny amount of interest your savings earn. This is no way to achieve your life goals. With Yova, your investment is designed for long-term growth, in line with your financial goals and risk preferences.

Help solve global challenges

You’re probably thinking, “But what should I invest in?”. As a Yova investor, you pick investment themes such as renewable energy, human rights, and gender equality and can exclude companies active in weaponry, nuclear, tobacco and more. With every adjustment you make, our algorithm makes sure your portfolio is financially sound.

Fully risk managed

Unlike many funds, your money is in an account in your name and you can access it at any time. You directly invest in shares of sustainable and socially responsible companies. To reduce your risk, we spread your investment across industries, countries, currencies, and other dimensions. We also do regular rebalancing, and continuously monitor companies.

How it works

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