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Jan Ossenbrink
Jan Ossenbrink

Jan Ossenbrink

Clean Energy Expert and Consultant

“I wanted to influence my portfolio, without becoming an active fund manager. I didn’t want to invest in companies that didn’t match my values.”

Jan Ossenbrink is an independent management consultant and expert in the energy sector with a focus on the global energy transition. He is an avid triathlete and lives with his fiancée in Zurich.

Q — How much investing experience did you have before Yova?
A — Through my father and my uncle, I dealt with the topic relatively early in life. But I only actively picked it up when my mother asked me to help her in her financial planning. In the process, we opted for time deposits, bonds and funds. While I was at university, the topic faded into the background – only at the end of the doctorate was I at a point to be able to invest money again. The big challenge lay in the decision: "Invest in what?"
Q — What do you expect from your investment?
A — Apart from financial performance, it was particularly important that I wouldn’t need to invest too much leisure time. I already had the ambition to have an influence on what exactly I invest in – I wanted to understand and influence what was in my portfolio without immediately becoming an active fund manager. I didn’t want to invest in companies that didn’t match my values. Through friends, I finally came across Yova. After more detailed research on the website I was convinced that Yova was a very good option for my investment.
Q — What did you especially like about Yova?
A — I was particularly convinced by the substance of Yova and the motto “invest in your values”. It was a simple, accessible, personal investment where I am the master of my portfolio, where as a layman I understand what is in my portfolio and can see transparently what the costs are. This simplicity and ease-of-use impressed me.
Q — How can Yova still improve? What do you want for the future?
A — You could add new features like active ownership or co-determination rights. Above all, I want you to stay true to your culture and values. You should remain cheeky and disruptive and not act according to the principle of “profit maximization at any price”.

Excerpt from Jan's Portfolio

Renewable Energy

Without renewable energy there will be no future, and wind energy is one of the best options. Vestas is one of the champions in this technology.

Orsted is one of the few utilities to radically change its business from oil and gas to renewable energy . I hope many more companies follow Orsted's example.

Energy-Saving Technology

Before Yova, I did not know Dassault Systems worked on Solar Impulse, the first solar-powered airplane to circumnavigate the Earth. Super commitment!

Geberit invests heavily in research to reduce water consumption. I know from everyday life that the company focuses on high-quality, durable products. During my doctorate I learned that Geberit is also a great employer.

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