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Silvan Baier
Silvan Baier

Silvan Baier


“Sustainable investing is a matter close to my heart. Yova lets private investors shape the world of tomorrow – even with small sums.”

Silvan Baier is a Business Administration student at the University of St.Gallen. When he’s not studying, you’ll find him in running shoes or on a bicycle.

Q — How much investing experience did you have before Yova?
A — Although I had a basic knowledge of how the financial markets worked, I had no practical experience.
Q — Why did you want to invest?
A — I was interested in the financial world even as a child. But I lacked concrete knowledge – and access to – the markets. I was very aware of the danger of ill-considered and impulsive investing decisions. In parallel, I also lacked a good partner to implement. Investing through my regular bank came with high fees and a cumbersome process.
Q — So, how did you arrive at choosing Yova?
A — I looked at different providers, and there were several reasons that spoke in favor of Yova. First, it was very important for me to support an idea with social value and a lot of future potential. In addition, the opportunity to invest sustainably at a low cost was very appealing. Thirdly, Yova makes it possible to get a diversified, risk-optimised investment despite smaller sums. Yova not only allows me to invest according to my values, but embodies them itself. In an intransparent, highly regulated market, Yova reduces complexity and allows private investors to help shape the world of tomorrow. I can only support this.
Q — What do you like most about Yova?
A — I particularly like the fact that Yova does not sell complex products or charge high fees. I get complete freedom of choice in the design of my portfolio – and yet it is very easy. Yova is a truly client-oriented asset manager.
Q — How can Yova improve? What do you wish for the future?
A — Additional companies and other asset classes as part of the investment universe would be my two wishes for the future.

Extract from Silvans portfolio

Disease Eradication

It discovers and develops treatments for diseases where few options available.

Among other treatments, it develops treatments for Parkinson's Disease.

Sonova manufactures innovative hearing aids, drastically improving the quality of life for a significant part of our population.

The Ypsomed Group is a leading Swiss medical technology company, specialising in injection and infusion systems for self-medication.

Digital Champions

U Blox controllers are used for smart cities technologies. They can make cities more efficient and greener.

Cisco is a pioneer in diversity, especially at the management level.

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