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Stephanie Göbel
Stephanie Göbel

Stephanie Göbel

Quality Manager Medical Devices

“I chose Yova because whether I’m investing or shopping, sustainability is important to me.”

Stephanie is the mother of two children and works as a quality manager in the medical technology industry. She is married, and in her spare time she coaches a youth soccer team, does yoga or goes mountain biking.

Q — How much investing experience did you have before you found Yova?
A — I had little experience with the financial world. In fact, I’ve often thought about how I could invest my money – for example, in stocks. Because when it came to investing money, retirement planning played a central role for me, so I looked for long-term investment opportunities. A good friend introduced me to Yova and the concept convinced me.
Q — So why did you choose Yova?
A — I chose Yova because whether I’m investing or shopping, sustainability is important to me. I also want to implement my principles as far as possible when investing money, and invest in companies that use resources responsibly. I think the opportunity to have a broad portfolio and choose which companies I support is great.
Q — And what exactly convinced you at Yova?
A — Your “Impact Investing for All” concept convinced me. I also liked your professional and clearly arranged website. Last but not least, I really appreciated the interpersonal communication with the Customer Success Team, which created a lot of trust in me.
Q — What did you like most about Yova?
A — The coolest moment was when I could scroll through the list of “my” companies for the first time. The feeling “I am now co-owner of this company” was really nice. I just think the transparency of Yova is great and have already recommended Yova to some friends!
Q — How can Yova improve? What do you want for the future?
A — For the future, I would like to see more categories added. Sports, for example, would be cool, as would leisure or fashion in general. More information and even better reporting on the development of the individual companies in my portfolio would also be interesting.

Extract from Stephanie's portfolio

Renewable Energy

Wind energy is a future topic for me. Gamesa is one of the leading manufacturers of wind turbines.

Kingspan provides high-performance insulation and building solutions. Buildings save energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

Nibe is a great company because it helps save energy in heating and cooling buildings. We need such technologies if we are to take climate change seriously.

Clean Water

Access to clean water is an extremely big problem. Veolia has already helped over 8 million people improve their water supply.

United Utilities turns sewage into clean water. Sounds unsexy, but has a great effect on the world!

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