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Tauras Sinkus
Tauras Sinkus

Tauras Sinkus

Entrepreneur and digital marketing freelancer

“I liked the simplicity of getting started with Yova and the friendliness of the team. The customer service was top-notch every step of the way.”

Tauras is an entrepreneur (founder of 21 Day Hero) and digital marketing freelancer (owner of Sinkus Studio) based in Zurich. He is happily married and in his free time he enjoys cooking, reading and staying fit through all kinds of sports.

Q — How much investing experience did you have before Yova?
A — When I was a student I played around with some dummy portfolios online, but never really took enough time to learn the right strategies. I always wanted to get better at it, but also realized I needed help from the professionals to reach the return that I expected.
Q — What do you expect from your investment?
A — Besides positive net financial return, I also expect to make a positive impact with my investment.
Q — What did you especially like about Yova?
A — I liked the simplicity of getting started and the friendliness of the team. It was super easy to get started even with a small amount and the customer service was top-notch every step of the way. And I was really positively surprised to get that level of service from a financial-services company 🙂
Q — How can Yova still improve? What do you want for the future?
A — I’d love to feel the pulse of the companies I have in my portfolio closer. Maybe a weekly/monthly digest of the news/announcements coming from my portfolio companies.

Extract from Tauras' portfolio

Renewable Energy

Kingspan provides high-performance insulation and building solutions. Buildings save energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

Wind energy is clearly a future topic. Gamesa is one of the leading manufacturers of wind turbines.

Transport of the Future

E.ON is an international energy supplier with a focus on renewable energy. It is also involved in electromobility.

Not only is Tesla moving in the right direction, it has also proven to other car makers that people have a real desire to drive electric vehicles.

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